Dr. Elizabeth Gonzalez-Bruno Chiropractor specializing in auto, work , slip, and fall injuries, and DOT exams.

Chiropractic Offices in West Palm Beach and Wellington – Lake Worth.

Spinal Adjustments/Chiropractic Care

spinal adjustments

There are many benefits to Complete Chiropractic Care, Spinal adjustments are the most common procedure performed by chiropractors also known as chiropractic manipulation. The purpose is to restore proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure in the spine and extremities by manually applying a gentle force into the problem areas that have become restricted and no longer move freely.

DOT and Physical examinations

Proud to announce Dr. Gonzalez Bruno is included in the limited National Registry Of Certified Medical Examiners of the Department Of Transportation
DOT, physical exams, pre-employment physical exams, School, camp, and sport physicals performed at both of our locations.

Massage Therapy

Our licensed massage therapists work in conjunction with Dr. Bruno to select the type of massage to be delivered and what areas of the body need to be targeted. During a therapeutic massage, the soft tissues and muscles of the body are manually manipulated. Therapeutic medical massage focuses on soft body tissues in order to alleviate stress, anxiety, injuries and overall pain and discomfort.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy and Exercise Rehabilitation

Injuries can occur from many causes – from driving, playing sports, or a slip and fall. When you’ve suffered an injury, regardless of the cause, physical therapy and/or exercise rehabiliatation may be in order. Physical therapy and exercise rehabilitation utilize a variety of non-invasive treatment modalities to help heal the body and restore normal function.

Auto and Work Injuries

Chiropractors in Lake Worth, Palm Beach County

Auto accidents, work or personal injury – any of these injuries can cause neck pain, back pain, headaches or muscle pain, and we can help. We focus in treating the injured regardless of how the injury occurred. We will provide the best care from initial examination to rehab and therapy. Improving health is our mission by providing the personal solutions and service to get you back on track.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Chripractic care for pregnant women

The physical state of pregnancy can lead to a great deal of discomfort. Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy is a safe, natural and an effective way of relieving common pains in the lower back, hip, and joints; as well as other related issues, such as sciatica, leg cramps and constipation. Chiropractic treatment for pregnancy can be a source of relief for back pain and overall well-being.

Call to make an appointment for yourself family or friend. We accept most insurances, PIP, health and workers’ compensation. Improving health is our mission by providing the personal solutions and service to get you back on track. We welcome new patients at both locations.